Iran the land of literature, art and spirituality

Dr. Seyyed Abbas Salehi
Deputy of Cultural Affairs of Ministry of Cultural and Islamic Guidance In The Name of the Creator of Culture and Literature Islamic Iran has a gilded and rich cultural background and has always bragged about producing scholars and thinkers that have contributed to the growth of human knowledge and wisdom. Great men like Avicenna, Farabi, Zakariya Razi, Khajeh Nasir al-din Tusi, Aburaihan Biruni, etc. are prominent examples. In the contemporary era, success of the intellectual and creative Iranian youth, thinkers, and professors in the fields of arts, mathematics, experimental science, engineering, and applied science especially medicine, and inventions and innovations and achieving scientific ranks in global scientific Olympiads, all demonstrate the potential of this generation for growth and excellence of human society. But it should be noted that one of the main manifestations of the aforementioned successes, is the works and writings leŌ behind by the ancients and the research of contemporary thinkers in the form of published books and researches. In recent decades, in some areas of the Humanities such as fiction literature, poetry, children and young adults, and religion and philosophy, serious research has been conducted by researchers and research institutions and due to the lack of international supply of these works in the West and even many Eastern communities, the position of Islamic Iran culture has remained unidentified. Also on some issues, such as: poetry and fiction, we enjoy valuable works that not been introduced to the contemporary world. The works by translating them might Iran and its rich culture become famous. The poems of some Iranian poets rely on imagination and depth of Iranian epistemology, and intoxicate every Iranian and keep him/her afloat in the never land heavens and realms, and fulfill the soul with incredible pleasantness, and immerse the individual in the high seas of human and moral thoughts. Today, as in the previous centuries, we have fresh talks in some areas, particularly in the field of epistemology and religious doctrine. Also on some topics such as poetry, and fiction literature for the children and young adults and adolescents we have very valuable works not yet been introduced to the contemporary world. Works whose translations may spread Iran’s fame and its rich culture again throughout the world. The valuable children and young adults› works force their little audience to think and indirectly induce thinking patterns, impart knowledge, and provide sweet and nice times for them and create the opportunity to merge their innocent and childish soul with human and moral knowledge and upon the wings of the swift bird of hallucination, spend a couple of happy hours in other wonderful worlds. In the scope of religion and philosophy, our thinkers have posed serious criticism of East and West thinkers and can open new spaces before their eyes and are capable to help them on the road to knowledge and to persuade deep reflections.
Therefore, with respect to such valuable assets, it is required that by translation of these works into world’s living languages and to publish them in an acceptable and eye-catching format, once again the modern world come in contact with the Islamic Iran’s beautiful and deep culture. Obviously, in the case of the realization of such an ideal, a platform will be provided for dialogue between other civilizations and cultures with Iranian culture more than ever and in the midst of this polluted political atmosphere, the world’s outlook to Islamic Iran will change. This time everyone will bow before the grandeur of this culture and will whole heartedly listen to its speech. Iranian culture and literature, is a literature and culture based on god worship and altruism, mysticism and wisdom, peace and relaxation, interaction and mutual understanding and respect, and we have decided to spread this vast culture and rich literature to outside the boundaries of our territory. Our message, in a word, is an all-encompassing interaction with the international culture. An interaction rooted in accurate understanding and universal cognition, on the basis of the identity of peoples and communities. Therefore, with reasonable respect for all principles of the global community cultures, we have provided this platform and by our significant presence and high spirit, introduce the premium writers and literary figures of our country in the framework of  classic and modern literature, announce our passionate and competent presence to the modern world, and also with respect for international publication laws, based on our best efforts, observe those laws in terms of copyright and e-publishing, and ultimately demonstrate our literature publication capabilities abroad. Therefore, our message is friendship and interaction and understanding and respect in the international arena, and thankfulness and gratitude towards the founders of this great literary and cultural event in the international fairs such that of the Frankfurt.


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