Today is an age of ever-increasing and continuous developments in human life condition. These developments have overshadowed every aspect of human life. Meanwhile the greatest of all these developments is that of technology. One of the domains that have been heavily touched by these developments is publication industry. In recent years electronic publication has found a specific place among the cultural objectives. Iran Comprehensive System of Electronic Books (ICSEB) has begun to produce and present a new system in the domain of publication of press and books as a step toward the fulfillment of general political and cultural policies in development of Information and Communication Technology industry. Properties and Advantages of “IRAN ELECTRONIC BOOK” A) Properties of Shop 1- Providing the access to national and foreign publications without any temporal, spatial and financial limitation 2- The users can have access to the system through different appliances 3- This system can be uploaded by LOS, LINUX, ANDROID, MAC, WINDOWS with the same structure and applications B) Properties of the Book Maker 1- Preparation for electronic education 2- Protection of intellectual property rights of the publishers via DRM C) Properties of the Book Reader 1- The possibility of easy offline study everywhere and every time 2- Facilitation of collection, quotation, reference and searching through the materials and notes 3- Providing the opportunity for geƫng benefited from the electronic content particularly for the children and the blind 4- Using similar layouts for both hard cop y and electronic version to make the reference easy 5- The possibility of archiving of materials and notes for easy access

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