Iran and Poland cooperate on cultural heritage, manuscripts issues

Iran’s Cultural Heritage and Tourism Research Institute and Rzeszow University in Poland will cooperate on archeology, philology, architecture history, anthropology, conservation and restoration of historic objects, manuscripts of classical and modern Persian issues.
T he cooperation in the framework of the memorandum of understanding was signed by Seyyed Mohammad Beheshti, Head of Cultural heritage and Tourism Research Institute and Alexander Babkov, President of Rzeszow University in the Republic of Poland. Based on the memorandum, the two sides agreed to cooperate with each other in the fields of archeology (including underwater archeology), philology (languages of ancient Iran), manuscripts of classical and modern Persian, preservation and restoration of historical objects, architectural history, anthropology, natural heritage, ecotourism and tourism, traditional arts and numismatics.
In these cases, activities such as exchange of research in long-term or short-term projects, student exchange in long-term and short-term projects, research collaboration and joint holding conference, symposiums and workshops were considered. Based on the contents of this agreement, a regulatory committee composed of the head of the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Institute or his authorized representative, President of the university or his appointed representative and the representative of the institutes or the related groups will consider the results of research and educational activities on an annual basis and decide about the projects of the following year.

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