Introduces books by Iran’s reinstated President Rouhani

IBNA– Reinstated Iran’s President Hojat ol-Islam Hassan Rouhani (Ph.D.) who arrived at the stage in 2013 with the motto of ‘moderation’, tried to advance his goals in politics, society, economy, and culture.
According to the correspondent, Rouhani is one of the few politicians who has compiled books and shown that he has his own insight and methods in the political arena. Taking a look at the years of publication of the President’s books shows that he has been active in this area since 1991 and continued the trend until 2011. He also devoted a part of his time, during the years he played his role as a politician to research. Perhaps Rouhani’s 21 years of work at the Center for Strategic Research (1992 – 2013) has been the reason behind his research and writing.
In this report, we use the information of Iran’s Book H ouse Institute to take a look at the bibliographical interest of the President-elect of the Iranian people. It should also be noted that this is not a comprehensive bibliography and does not cover the entire works compiled by President Rouhani. 1. “National Security and Nuclear diplomacy” This is the first book written by one of the senior officials of Iran who was once in charge of Iran’s negotiating teams. “National Security and Nuclear Diplomacy” consists of 12 chapters and seven attachments.
2. “Islamic Revolution and nuclear technology (1978 – 2003)”, “Challenges and Structures”, A narrative of hope and policy. “Introduction to the Situation of Islamic Countries” “National Security and Economy” “Memoires of Hojat ol-Islam Dr. Hassan Rouhani of the Islamic Revolution (1961 – 1978) “Islamic Political Thought” “Islamic Revolution, Roots and Challenges” “Age of Capability and Legal Responsibility” “Introduction to the History of Shi’a Imams: A Window to Refresh the Lifestyle of the Imams (AS)” “Different approaches of Seminaries and the need for a new look” “September 11 Events and the Positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran” “Three Speeches on the Global Developments with Regard to the Position of the Islamic Republic of Iran”.


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