International exhibitions opportunity for the introduction of the criteria and development of cultures and civilizations

Dr. Amir Masoud Shahramnia* Today, nearly 60 thousand book titles are published annually in our country, and the holding of numerous book festivals, suggests the existence of prominent figures in all areas of Humanities, Applied Sciences and Abstract Sciences. The presence of writers and thinkers in scientific and international conferences has been highly influential and wherever our poetry, literature, religion, philosophy, etc. has found the opportunity to show off, it was followed by admiration of everyone, and they have always had fresh ideas to put forward. In recent decades, many writers and researchers entered the field and each one by his/her turns, enriched the progress of Islamic Iran’s scientific and cultural caravanin a particular scope. Fortunately, nowadays our thinkers in all cognitive branches have progressed remarkably. The witness is an abundance of honorable works created for children, young adults, and adolescent age groups in the fields of applied science, literature, poetry, religion, history, social sciences, etc. In the meantime, the role of knowledgeable translators should not be underestimated in transfer of knowledge and sciences of other nations to the contemporary Iranian society.Yet we have to take a serious and general step and this time, we strive to make the international community familiar with this rich cultural capital. The first and most important step is the translation of the works of these writers and their serious and continuous presence in the international cultural exhibitions, conference and institutions. According to above, Iranian publication, based on rich documented culture and ancient history, is capable of contributing a lot to offer in the global book market in comparison with many other countries. However, in spite of this, it has not achieved an effective presence in this market. Notwithstanding some political considerations of foreign publishers in publishing Iranian works and also the problems caused by international sanctions that created immense problems to establish the financial transactions and connections between the parties, the lack of active presence of publishers in international scene and disproportionate and incorrect supply of works to these circles, and insufficient knowledge of the functions and the rules of the international book fairs, all have created barriers for entry into this market.Without a doubt, the active presence of Islamic Republic of Iran in the Frankfurt International Book Fair is a valuable opportunity for the introduction of the capacity and capability of Iranian publications as well as communicating and interacting with international publishers. International exhibitions, in addition to the commercial and financial aspects, provide a good opportunity for the introduction of the criteria, standing, growth and development of cultures and civilizations, and influential thoughts and discourses. Because of this, in the Frankfurt International Book Fair, the publishers in the framework of exchanging copyrights of their honorable works, both contribute to prosperity of cultural trade of their own country and introduce their favorite cultural values. Some countries, despite the lack of a rich cultural background, by using only modern tools and practices and visual charms, etc. have sought to exploit this opportunity and are already and most of it relies on literary works. Therefore, careful and clever planning, and identifying gaps and the audience needs based on this platform, is the first step in this regard since the Iranian literature, both in the field of children and young adults and also adolescents, draws from a he y and ancient background.In the 67th session of Frankfurt International Book Fair that will be held from 14th to 18th October, Iran Institute for Cultural Exhibition, on behalf of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, has provided a suitable setting for the presence of various Iranian publication guilds and organizations and also enthusiastic private publishers and in addition to introduction of civilization and culture and strengthening cultural diplomacy, has included the introduction of Tehran International Book Fair, registration of interested publishers, and also meetings and discussions with the heads of the world’s most important book fairs in its agenda. * Director of Cultural Fairs Institute.


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