In Iran, Annual Week of Book Is the Widest Serving Book

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been staging an annual week of book reading event since 1993 in a bid to promote the culture of book reading and facilitate public access to publications across the country. A first edition of the exuberant event was held in November 1993. The IRI Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance helps stage the annual November event in a joint effort by different associations and state bodies and book reading themes make headlines in the press and broadcast during the term of the event. A 20th edition of the week is going to be held this year. The 10-day event has proved to be significant for book related activities nationwide as many state policies in the field of publications are drawn up and formulated during the event. Part of the event is staged nationwide while many programs are held provincially.
A normal agenda of the annual event may include programs in praise of top individuals within the industry, inauguration of new libraries, book reading contests, panel discussions and workshops with related themes, and promotional items and programs on the national airwaves.

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