Illustrated Atlas of IRAN The most beautiful and appealing source of information on Iran’s cities and provinces!

Oftentimes, recorded in our memory from our many travels across the vast country of Iran are some beautiful mental images of its natural, historical and archaic atractions, its notable characters and figures, its customs and its arts.
These images include: from Khorasan province, Astan Quds Razavi foundation; from Fars province, Hafiz, Sa’di, the glory and grandeur of Persepolis; from Kerman province, the Bam Citadel; from Sistan province, the Burnt City and Rostam; from Yazd province, the Cypress of Abar-Kuh; from Hamedan province, Avicenna, Ganj-nameh (the Treasure Epistle) and Ali Sadr Cave; from Tehran province, Mount Damavand; from Bushehr city and Hormozgan province, the Persian Gulf.
Regarding the limited number of pages that is dedicated to each province in the Atlas, the experts at our research and compilation team have chosen to include the most significant and prominent topics according to the professional views and tastes of eminent compilers and experts at the Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran. With its page limitations, this Atlas has over a thousand entries on different topics such as historical monuments, antiquities, religious places, natural attractions, notable characters, figures, arts, customs, handcrafts, souvenirs, plants, animals, recreation, etc.

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