Hooshang Moradi Kermani One of the most renowned and acclamed authors

Works The first story of him to be published was “The alley of us fortunate” issued in Khoosheh magazine (Shamloo as its thenliterary editor) having a humorous language at its core. It was around 1950 that his first book “Masumeh” containing several stories, and also another book called “I’m a Scared Gazelle!” was published. Moradi Kermani created one of his finest works in 1974, titled “Majid’s Tales”, telling the story of a teenage boy living with his grandmother “Bibi”. An English translation of “Samovar”, a story from “Majid’s Tales” was presented to Unicef. After which numerous works of his were translated into German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Armenian and Hindi. Moradi and the cinema His personal interest in the cinema is reflected in almost all of his works. Because of this tendency, he is more of a “visual” writer as like having a movie played before his eyes and narrating it for the reader, making the cinematic adaptations of his works be the best of their kind in the Iranian cinema. “Majid’s Tales” turned into a TV series, hugely popular among Iranians, is his most notable work to be adapted into picture.

The popularity of the TV series made its director “Kiumars Pourahmad” to turn other stories of Majid’s Tales into a movie titled “Next Morning”. The movie was well received by the viewers for its humorous and “revealing” look towards the traditional education system. But, “Shame” having a psychologically and artistically complex structure, although praised by the critics, was not favored by the mainstream audience. “Khomreh” (aka. The Amphora) the second movie directed by “Ebrahim Forouzesh” based itself on a story of the same title from Moradi. This one also a notable movie made in 1990 achieved multiple awards from its two-year participation in numerous international festivals and societies. In 2005 Dariush Mehrjouei also based his commercially successful “Mum’s Guest” on a story of Moradi. Most notable cinematic and TV adaptations of Moradi: • Spruce Tale (Based on “The Stranger”) – Afghanistan • Majid’s Tales (Based on “The 14 Stories”) Eleven TV episodes and 3 motion pictures by Kiumars Pourahmad • The Amphora (The Amphora) – Ebrahim Forouzesh • The Boot (The Boot) – Muhammad Ali Talebi • Mum’s Guest (Mum’s Guest) – Dariush Mehrjouei • The Tandoor (The Tandoor) – Farhang Khatami • Like the Full Moon – 11 TV episodes and 1 movie – Muhammad Ali Talebi Moradi has wrote several movie scripts, such as: • Kaki • Tic Tac • Bag of Rice Among these three “Bag of Rice” was tuned into a highly acclaimed motion picture by Muhammad Ali Talebi and was praised by the critics around the world. Awards Moradi won his first prize for his “Carpet Factory Kids” in 1980.
It won him “Children Book Society” cash prize along with 1986 International Hans Christian Andersen Award. His other major awards include: • 1992 International Hans Christian Andersen Award Jury Special Award • 1994 The Austrian Children’s and Adolescent Book of The Year • The 12th Fajr International Film Festival’s Crystal Simorgh for the best movie script in 1993 • Mehregan Adab Prize • Costa Rica honored author • 1995 Jose Martini Award/

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