Ground provided for introducing more Iranian literature in Russia

“Souvenirs from the Land of Chekhov” meeting considered Tehran’s Book City achievements in the 28th Moscow International Book Fair such as providing the ground for introducing more of Persian literature in Russia and world. Tehran Book City weekly meeting titled ‘Souvenirs from the Land of Chekhov” was held Tuesday, September 22, 2015, with the writer Houshang Moradi Kermani; the Persian literature Professor Mir Jalal al-Din Kazzazi, the authors Elaheh Koulayi, Abtin Golkar, Garous Abdolmalekian and Deputy Director of Cultural and International Institute of Tehran Book City Ali Asghar Mohammad-Khani in atendance. At the beginning of the event, Ali Asghar Mohammad Khani said: “In the 28th edition of Moscow International Book Fair we managed to hold several meetings of which I refer to “Review of Persian Literature Cosmology in Russia”, “Correction of Shahnameh in Moscow and Russia” and “Translation of Shahnameh into Russian”. In this event, we also held the program ‘Today’s Story’ in which the novel ‘You’re Not a Stranger’ [by Houshang Moradi Kermani] was unveiled.” “Today’s Persian Poetry was another program which was held in Moscow International Book Fair. In this program, the state of our poetry and fiction writing was evaluated. Also in the exhibition, numerous music bands including those from the south and songwriters performed. On the whole, more space was provided for beter introduction of Persian literature,” he added.

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