Greek Ambassador Praises Iranian Books Beauty

Greek ambassador to Iran Dimitri Alexandrakis visited the 31st Tehran International Book Fair saying that regarding their illustration, layout and bindery, Iran has the most beautiful books in the world According to correspondent, Alexandrakis referred to the 31st Tehran International Book Fair and said: “I’m so interested in the books displayed in the fair. The number of stands and countries which have participated in this event is notable.
Showing a copy of ‘Collected Poems’ by the legendary Iranian poet Hafez in his hand, Greek ambassador to Tehran said: “Iran presents the most gorgeous books; their covers, layouts, illustrations, binderies and prints are remarkable.” Elsewhere in his remarks, he said: “I’m so glad that Greece has been able to attend the 31st Tehran International Book Fair and I hope that we will be able to participate at the event in the next years. We are so pleased about the services given to the stands including the Greek stand.” Impressed by the massive presence of Iranian people at the book fair, Alexandrakis added: “Like Iran, Greece has an ancient history, sciences and philosophy and in the same trend, we are also enthusiastic about reading books.”

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