Governments’ Role In Culture Development Undeniable

Turkish Ambassador to Iran Riza Hakan Tekin said in Tehran International Book Fair that although books play a vital role in cultural development, the governments should also support the process According to correspondent, on the way books can promote the cultural relations between Turkey and Iran, Hakan Tekin stated: “The role of books for achieving this goal is very obvious and influential; however, we officials should also take measures to strengthen such influence.” “Unfortunately, we as governments are at times lag behind our nations, however, we are ready to boost our relations with the Iranian nation,” he noted.Elsewhere in his remarks, the Turkish ambassador to Iran said: “Although I have recently visited the book fair, it’s obvious that so many people are attending this event.”The diplomat said that a number of Persian books such as ‘Masnavi’ by Molana Jalal al-Din Rumi are so popular and respected in Turkey. He pointed out that cultural ties between the twocountries are significant, but I believe that in respect to the cultural similarities between the two nations, the ground is provided for even more cooperation in this field. “We and your Deputy Culture Minister Mr. Mohsen Javadi held a good meeting here and discussions were completely helpful, but I hope we would be able to implement the plans and as Turkish Ambassador to Iran, I will do my best to implement them,” Hakan Tekin stressed.

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