Goli Taraghi’s Style Appeals To Int’l Audience

A Polish translator of Iranian literature believes that the stories of Goli Taraghi with their combination of poetry and satire definitely appeal to international audience In an interview, Polish translator and literary critic Dorota Swapa who is also a student of Iran studies at Krakow University expressed his views on the translation of Persian literary works particularly those by the noted writer Goli Taraghi. “Undoubtedly the profound sense of life, an especial intimacy in the tone of narration, using a wide range of words, the beautiful combination of poetry and satire, the memories which evoke and visualize the old Tehran are among the traits of Taraghi’s writing,” she said. “To these, one may add other issues such as estrangement, immigration, the confrontation of tradition and modernity and so on, which are interesting and thought-provoking to the foreign readers,” Polish translator and literary critic added.” She stated that the fiction books of Taraghi for example ‘Winter Sleep’ ‘We have been warmly received in Poland by the elite readers of the country. ‘Winter Sleep’ (1973) is a collection of narratives portraying the inner life of eight middle-class citydwellers, amid the religious dislocation and anomie arising from Iran›s rapid modernization in the 1960s.

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