French Publisher Releases «The Stories Of Iran»

French Publisher Circonflexe has released the children book, ‘The Stories of Iran’ by the New Zealander writer Elizabeth Laird and illustrated by Iranian artist Shirin Adl According to correspondent, the book which has been authored for children aged between 7 to 10 reads: “Iran has mountains streaked with snow, thick forests where bears and lynxes still roam, deserts, bazaars … But, above all, Iran is rich in having fairy tales, stories of demons and genies. There is even a legend about a monstrous bird, the mythical Phoenix … During her travels, Elizabeth Laird has collected a lot of tales. She revisits here some of the best, in an inimitable style. Shirin Adl, who grew up in Iran, restores all the verve and freshness of these texts with her charming illustrations.” Circonflexe publishes children’s books including fiction, non-fiction, reference, educational and activity books as well as favorites from various countries. The stories have already been published in English under the title, ‘Bean Boy and Other Iranian Stories’ by Lincoln Children Book Publishing in 64 pages.

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