French Book Fair Manager Rejects Anti-Iran Propaganda as Unfounded

Much of what foreign media outlets write about Iran is baseless, Manager of Paris Book Fair Bertrand Morisset said, adding that fictitious portrayal of Iran in the media makes him sad.One learns after visiting Tehran that what media say about Iran is totally untrue and should be forgoten, Morisset said in a Saturday press conference on the sidelines of the ongoing International Book Fair here in Tehran. “It sometimes makes me sad that they present a fabricated and unreal image of Iran,” he said, adding that he has never had negative thoughts about the country.The French fair manager described Iran as similar to Europe, saying he wishes that Paris Book Fair would turn to a cultural tribune for Iranian works throughout the continent. “Friendship with Iran is important to us, and we have maintained friendly relations with Iran,” he added, urging Iranian publishers to go to France and show a different image of their country. Morisset further noted that he has made a promise to an Iranian cultural official that after returning to his country, he would pave the ground for a stronger presence by French publishers in Iran.


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