Forough in Kuwait

The collection of poems of Forough Farokhzad has been translated into Arabic and published in Kuwait. This book that translated by Moosa Bidaj from Iran and Samir Arsh- asdi, professor of Persian literature in Kuwait University, has been released in most of the Arab countries.
The book with the original title Delam ra dar neylabake chubi minavazam and English title I am playing my heart in a wooden flute, involves some poems which chosen from Tavalodi Digar (Another Birth) book belonged to Forough Farrokhzad.
I know a sad little fairy Who lives in an ocean And ever so softly Plays her heart into a wooden flute A sad little fairy Who dies with one kiss each night And is reborn with one kiss each dawn.

Some details of Forough’s artistic and literary life and her most important poetry were collected in this book by the translator. This work was published by Dr. Suad al-Sabah publications. (Dr. Suad al Sabah is one of the most famous poets in the Arab world.) The publisher of the book has written in the introduction: while we were introducing innovation works of international literature to Arab readers, we decided to publish contemporary Persian poetry in the Arab language. Although Forough had a short life, she made an improvement in contemporary poems that can be a role model for the younger generation in Arab countries.

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