Foreign markets have to open their arms to valuable works of Iran

Ibrahim Hassanbeygi about the transactions of foreign markets with Iranian publishers said: “I recommend foreign markets to welcome Iranian works with open arms as these works stand out in all fields.”Ibrahim Hassanbeygi, the writer of the novel of ‘Mohammad (peace be upon him)’, regarding capabilities of Iran’s publishing industry to be presented in foreign book markets said: “while considering the publishing industry of each country, first cultural capabilities of that country has to be taken into account besides its cultural backgrounds. In this regard, Iran with more than one thousand years of civilization and record of writing culture and existence of thousands of manuscripts from our ancestors has necessary potentialities.”In Iran, Eastern culture and mysticism can be witnessed. In Iran, Rumi’s moral and mystical thoughts, Sa’di’s advice, Ferdowsi’s epics, Hafiz’s lyrics and Khayam’s thoughtul subtleties can be familiarized. Not in many Asian and Islamic countries such great men can be found. Therefore, if American and European publishers put political considerations aside, they will find novel potentialities available in Iran’s publishing industry market.The writer of the novel of ‘The Saint’ in continuation of his speech while referring to some problems of publishers in international arenas said: “ I as a writer whose books has been translated into some languages such as English, Chinese, Arabic and Turkish, expected that my books at international levels receive welcome appropriately but unfortunatelywhen Iranian books are in the distribution circle of other countries, they are presented at an unpleasant level and its main reason perhaps is the fact that foreign publishers and institutions are not interested in distributing of Iranian books.”He also pointed out: “Besides the problems of distribution circulation, sanctions inflicted heavy blows to Iranian publishers especially those active at international levels and caused their lack of interests for attending international fairs and exhibitions. On the other hand, political issues also made Iranian attend international fairs less often while Iranian publishers had presented many valuable translated books up to now. At the present time, they have to find a way for a suitable distribution of such works in foreign institutions.”Considering the channels of Iranian publishers’ transactions with foreign markets, Hassanbeygi said: “We must be able to attend foreign fairs to find this ability to negotiate with foreign parties for a right position and gain their trusts. We have to talk about our achievements. In fact, if we are placed in a right relation, foreign publishers will take our written and translated works into accounts seriously.”He continued: “I recommend foreign markets that welcome Iranian works seriously as these works stand out in all fields. I hope Iranian publishers can remove all available misunderstandings through negotiations and clarification and as before keeping their cooperation with publishers of other countries.”


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