Focusing on children, young adults readers more rewarding

In the meeting held for the Children and Young Adults Reading Festival, CEO of Iran’s Book House said that focusing on children and young adults readers is more rewarding in terms of impact. Majid Gholami Jaliseh said: “Working in the field of children books and readership is one of those priorities which must be taken seriously for the capacities existing there.” The meeting of the Festival of Children’s Reading Club was held on Tuesday, August 23, 2016, at the House of Literati (Sara-ye Ahl-e Qalam) affiliated to the Book House Institute with Jaliseh, Ali Asghar Seyyedabadi, Jafaar Toozandehjani, Mahmoud Barabadi, Ma’soumeh Ansariyan and a group of activists
in the field of books and reading in attendance. In this event, CEO of the Book House Institute pointed to the positive impacts of the Children’s Reading Club Festival and said: “I’m glad to see that those involved in this festival have taken it seriously and it seems like an important and lasting event is about to take place in the field of children’s books and reading.” Describing the activities of the Book House Institute for supporting children’s books and reading, he said: “Many activities are performed in the institute in the field of books and reading including the quarterly publication of book reviews for children and young adults. We also have a service for them at IBNA, and we try to work on programs such as Book of the Year of the Children and young adults as well.”

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