Flying Turtle Award granted to French writer Mourlevat

Golden Medal of the fifth edition of the annual Flying Turtle Award was granted in Paris to the French writer Jean-Claude Mourlevat for the children book ‘La Rivière à l’envers’. According to correspondent, the jury panel of the prize announced the author of the two-volume book ‘La Rivière à l’envers, tome 1: Tomek ’ and Riviere A L Envers, T2: Hannah, the winner of the award, because of his creation of a peaceful, humane and different fantasy and relations and dialogue between the East and the West in the story, as well inviting the young people to love and tranquility in a world full of violence. The winner of the award said that the award is very valuable for him and he was very much interested in visiting Iran. He said that the award has provided a spiritual relation between him and the Iranian young people and that his works have been translated into more than 20 languages and received many awards. Mourlevat, who failed to atend the closing ceremony of the award in Tehran, sent a video message to express his pleasure for receiving this award, in which he has said: “I am very much impressed and grateful, particularly because the award granted to my book is very valuable to me. In fact, this award is given to my book and not to me, and so my book has moved ahead of me. I wrote this book fifteen years ago and feel it is more worthy than myself.” La Rivière à l’envers’ is the story of a wonderful and legendary trip of two teenagers. The volumes of this book were translated by Zohreh Nateqi and Navid A`tar Sharqi in 2015 and published by Mehrab-e Qalam Publications. The writer of the book was the only winner of the Golden Medal of the fifth edition of ‘Turtle Bird’ Award.


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