Familiarizing of foreign publishers with Iranian books let them to enjoy various, rich and attractive themes and subjects

Dr. Sobhaniniya

General Manager of Dar Al -Hadith publishing                                                                       

About the Iranian publishers’ transaction with foreign publisher, General Manager of Dar Al -Hadith publishing said: “If foreign publisher becomes aware of the published works in Iran in different fields such as science, literature, history and children and adolescence, certainly they will find valuable and appropriate works for publishing in their own countries.”
By stating this fact that Iran is of few countries in the world enjoying ancient history and owning civilization said: “full of ups and downs history of Iran in contrast to Rome’s and also the dawn and appearance of Islam in this vast country are very outstanding subjects that make Iran and its history attractive for everybody. Meanwhile, poetry and literature are of prominent advantages of Farsi language. Availability of unique and peerless poets at international levels is other attractions of Iran and its publications. Innumerable ancient monuments and tourism attraction are another advantages of four season country of Iran that works published about these issues can manifest these beauties for the addresses throughout the world.”
Dr. Sobhaniniya said: “Rich native culture mixed with Islamic teachings that resulted in Islamic-Iranian culture and all various works in different moral themes and themes in the field of children and young adults are of characteristics of Iran’s publication production that let international publishers visit this market of various productions and choose whatsoever pleases them according to their specialized field.”
He further added: “One of the Iran’s relative advantages is its revolutionary thoughts with a religious approach. This noble and peerless thought and publications that are produced and presented in this field can have a lot of attraction for international publishers.”
Sobhaniniya then said: “I am sure that if publications about Iran’s history are introduced to foreign publishers, they will find a lot of interested publishers as there are very few countries enjoying civilization, literature, fictions and legends and culture.”
General Manager of Dar Al-Hadith publishing by referring to the advantages of the presence of Iranian publishers in international arenas like Frankfurt Book Fair said: “For familiarizing of the world with publications of Iran, Iranian publishers’ presence in international Fairs is necessary. So, we do not have to wait until publishers of other countries attend in Tehran International Fair and there they become familiar with books of Iran. Every publisher with its attendance in international arenas will gain various experiences. These experiences can influence both on the methods of works publication and their presenting, the quality and quantity of presenting and talks and on the transactions with other participated publishers in a fair. Publishers may use the experiences of the experts
in these fields to discover their shortcomings and available professional backgrounds and interests of other countries. It is clear that these discoveries will be fulfilled just by attending in international arenas.”
Dr. Sobhaniniya added: “In the activity area of a publisher just become limited inside its country, its activities will come to a standstill and in this case, we can never expect its publications find a place at international levels. Even regarding the internal activities of a publisher, if it does not consider the present needs of its society, it cannot stand out so, to gain success it has to talk with the experts in international arenas to inform itself about what is going on in its specialized field of its interest and it also has to update itself in all dimensions.”
This Iranian publisher about the features and conditions of Dar Al-Hadith publishing explained: “The specialized field of Dar Al-Hadith publishing is producing works in the field of religion. In major parts of its production, this publication considers the needs of the society. Production of university textbooks, academic resources and general books with themes of morality, family, Islamic style of life are among the works that are published by Dar Al-Hadith publishing. We also have some productions for children and adolescents and some publications in English and French.
Regarding the fact that the language of Islam is Arabic, many of this publisher’s productions are either only in Arabic or in Farsi and Arabic. In Iran, mainly those books are presented that are in Farsi and Arabic but in Arabic countries, exclusively books in Arabic have been presented. Since 15 years ago, we established an office in Beirut, Lebanon, and our book shop is also active there. Dar Al-Hadith publishing published works in Arabic is more than 50. These works are well-known books in the Arabic- speaking countries.”
About the presence of Dar Al-Hadith publishing in international arenas, he stated: “Besides presenting many of our books in the arena of Arabic language, a few numbers of our books have been translated into some languages and sometimes to more than 10 alive languages of the world and some of them are published by foreign publishers and some Islamic centers in other countries. More 100 books of Dar Al-Hadith publishing are published in non-Arabic languages but unfortunately, we could not introduce and publish them and we hope we can have more presence in non-Arabic countries to be able to gain remarkable successes in these countries.” He added: “ Dar Al-Hadith publishing recently published 5 children books in French and some children books in English.”
Sobhaniniya answering to this question that what advantages foreign publisher will have in cooperation with Iranian publishers pointed out: “It seems that published books in Iran are not known for the world to some degree since number-wise, the Iranian did not have a considerable presence in foreign fairs up to now and Iranian works in recent years are not translated well.Therefore, foreign publishers are not aware of what is going on in Iran’s publication industry. I found some universities and libraries poor about Iran’s works in some European and Asian countries. For example, in Aligarh Islamic University in India that a lot of Iranian Muslim students are studying there, unlike what expected, the Farsi books or even translated books from Farsi in main libraries of this university belonged to 30 years ago. I believe that this shortcoming is because there was not a good transaction between publishers of these 2 countries. So, if foreign publishers become familiar with Iranian publishers in different fields, they will find valuable works for their society that enjoy rich, suitable and attractive themes. This experienced is proved successful previously during the visits foreign publishers had from Tehran International Book Fair and I hope a day comes that the cooperation of Iran’s publications with publications of other countries become more and more It worth explaining that Dar Al-Hadith publishing with a record of 20-year activity published more than 450 books and if we consider several volumes that each book has, Dar Al-Hadith publishing’s published book number will add up to 700 volumes. The themes that are of this publishing’s interest are in the fields of Quran, hadith (narrations), Quran Knowledge, morality, Islamic psychology and morality, Kalam, Islamic ideas, religious works in the area of family, children and adolescents. Generally speaking, this publisher publishes religious works for the general and particular addresses and on its site with the address of www.darolhadith.ir has introduced its books and activities


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