Familiarization with the Institute for Compilation and Publication of Imam Khomeini’s Works

This institute is a cultural organization which has the responsibility of preservation, extension and stewardship of Imam Khomeini’s thoughts and also is responsible for preserving the written and none-written works and documents alleged to the leader of Islam revolution in Iran. This cultural complex established in 1988 and in its three decades of cultural activities has tried to protect the profound relationship of people, particularly the young people of Iran with the works and guidelines of Imam Khomeini, alongside other cultural organizations and centers and liable Media.
It has taken effectual steps in materialization of the powerful presence of guidelines and behaviors of Imam in the context of Islamic society inside or outside of the country by editing and publishing hundreds of thousands issues of Imam’s works and his other diverse activities as well. Imam Khomeini was the scholar and outstanding seminary figure and religious reference of the world of Shiite, and therefore, his progressive outlook and perspective on Islam has a significant importance in expressing his political view from religion and presenting doctrines and the governance model of “religious democracy.” Therefore, studying his technical and seminary works, that apart from affairs relating to jurisprudence or laws, revealing his worldview and unique ideology as a religious and political charismatic leader, is vital for people of science and thoughts.
The institutes’ office in Qom, is in charge of protecting and publishing Imam’s valuable works and also in doing research about them. However, editing and compilation of Imam’s more general works in the fields of philosophy, mysticism and other diverse social issues whose audience is the common people, are done in Tehran’s office . Imam Khomeini and Islamic revolution’s research institute, as a university and academic organization, supports the studies conducted on Imam Khomeini and Islamic revolution.
A summary of the internatonal actvites of the Insttute for Compilaton and Publicaton of Imam Khomeini’s Works:
The issues and changes of Iran in the International arena have always been entangled with the name of Imam Khomeini, as the political leader of the biggest popular movement of the contemporary world’s history. Therefore, issues relating to Muslim or none-Muslim and none-Iranian audiences of the institute who are interested in and followers of Imam Khomeini’s ideology, and also deal with beyond-the-nation issues and concerns of the world of Islam, is in the working-field of the department of international affairs. The overall working-field in the translation section of the department, is converting all the oral and written works of Imam Khomeini to more than twenty living languages of the world which are presented in the forms of written publications or multimedia products to those interested in this field.
Identifying the scientific and cultural centers out of Iran like centers of studies on Islam, studies on Iran, Studies on East, and producing mutual interaction with them and exchanging cultural products with them is among other working schedules of the department of international affairs. Identifying the scientific and cultural figures and supporting academic individuals and institutes who are interested in Islamic revolution and Imam’s ideology in different fields of mysticism, legal, jurisprudence and Quran…and also in preparing and authoring books, articles, thesis ….and inviting his presence at specific events and scientific conferences….and facilitating the libraries and cooperation in translation affairs and publication with this individuals and institutes are among the activities of communications and knowing the audiences section of this department.
Translating Imam Khomeini’s works and other works about him to different languages is also among the programs of this institute. Imam Khomeini is a great efficacious figure who is the founder of a religious government in this current modern society; a government, which in comparison with other religious readings, has the elements of intellectuality and logic and despite the strains and numerous limitations, has managed to stay firm on his own feet for some decades. The current world is tired of materialistic issues and is seeking ways to reach spirituality and the main motif of the young people in the western countries for becoming interested in extremist and terrorist groups and joining them is this reason. Therefore, the reason for showing interest by the none-Iranian in Imam Khomeini’s outlook, thoughts, ideas and positions, is the new mutation of west for reaching prosperity and spirituality.
A summary of the actvites of the comprehensive website of Imam Khomeini in none-Persian languages:
Preparing the electronic and virtual areas for keeping up with the moving trend of communications in the world of web and virtual channels. The three-language portal of Imam Khomeini has all the possibilities of the digital library articles, books, and thesis. The French language version of the site is also being set up. All the products and publications of the institutes are available for none-Persian users in site.
This is the interaction, link and intellectual and cultural relationship of the users with the institute by the means of our web site. One of the most significant international undertakings is planning, programming, and causing fields for presence at the cyber area which is among the priorities of this institute. This multi-language website is in interaction with its audiences all over the world virtually, and send the new publications and different contents for them, it also makes use of the suggestions and recommendations of the audiences. The users of these web sites can have mutual interaction with this organization.

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