Don’t Lose Familiarizing with “Persian Nobles”

The writer of “Persian Nobles” book and the managing director of Asr-e-Gooyesh Publishing considered this book a proper option for foreign readers’ familiarity with the famous and the glorious of Iran and their achievements

Ahmad Lorestani, the managing director of Asr-e-Gooyesh Publishing who will be in Frankfurt International Book Fair this year and believes that this book is an inclusive encyclopedia of Iran’s history and famous people, said: “Iran is a land that cherished innumerable scholars and the sophisticated. It is also an origin of welfare, peace, and benevolence for the world as if by passing many years of its educated, sophisticated men’s late, the contemporary world is still under the influence of their scientific achievements. Iran since ancient times until present had an influential role in the production of science, culture, literature and art and especially even in the present age Iranian creativity, innovation, glory, and philanthropist activities in global arenas are quite vivid and influential that was another inspiration for the writer of the book.

About his book titled as “Persian Nobles”, the writer says, “While this book introduces more than one thousand and two hundred celebrated figures of Iran, however it is like a drop of an ocean before the great constellation of this land illustrious. It just reflects a shred of high capacities and geniuses of the Iranian. It consists of the biographies of much well-known Iranian residing both inside Iran and abroad that always bring the message of peace and philanthropist of their nation for their humankind throughout the world.”

He continued,” The present book written during seven

uninterrupted years attempt of an expert and professional

team and respectul university professors (more than fifty people) is published in two volumes in one thousand and seven hundred pages. It involves Iranian ancient honors

biographies from eight thousand years to the contemporary time in different fields such as medicine, poetry, literature, engineering, art, sport, history introduction and so on.

About the global proportions of his work, Lorestani, addressing foreign publishing and stated, “Some of the figures and characters are introduced in such a national and inclusive book for the first time. The great extent of opportunity to introduce Iranian dominant figures should be defined because of the existence of admirable and innumerable geniuses of the people in Iran. So it is worth to introduce my beloved country and its famous figures in national and international arena .Therefore, this book can be a right choice for foreign addresses to become familiar with Iran’s achievements, its ancient culture and it’s glorious and illustrious figures.

It is worth mentioning that a great seminar will be held in February 2016 in Iran to introduce Iranian predominant figures in the presence of Iranian selected and well-known figures both in Iran and abroad . The afro mentioned book includes two volumes of six and four chapter respectively. First volume was advocated to detail the history of Iran from eight thousand years ago to the present time, to introduce the great of science, literature, culture and philosophy, contemporary medical figures, famous arch sectors, and other Iranian successful and famous figures that are residents abroad. Introducing Iranian famous artists including musicians, singers, directors and actors, etc. from past until today and introducing of about three hundred Iranian medalist sportsmen in national and international arenas in different fields are the content of the second volume of this national book or Iranian sumptuous project.

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