Debate on Zibakalam’s Book on the West

The latest work by Iranian writer and political analyst Sadegh Zibakalam, ‘How West Became West’, will be discussed on Wednesday, July 20 at Tehran’s Andisheh Cultural Center.The meeting starts at 5 pm and Zibakalam and journalist Sajjad Noroozi, manager of the cultural center, will speak, Mehr News Agency reported.They will discuss the origins of the western world and how it evolved over time.With a documental approach and from a critical point of view, Zibakalam’s new book explores the major reasons why and how western countries grew and made progress.
The first chapter delves into the history of Europe and explains the dominant thoughts and beliefs in the continent. The second chapter is about the rise of European countries where the author portrays the context in which European nations claimed superiority over the world through their achievements. The world’s history and geography, prior to 1492 AD, are discussed in the third chapter. Up to this specific date, when Columbus reached the ‘New World,’ Europe had no superiority over other regions and civilizations.
The fourth chapter deals with colonialism after 1492 and how it became a dominant foreign policy of the West, resulting in the expansion of Europe followed by the US. It is also explained in the chapter how Asia, Africa, and Latin America became colonized by western powers. Additionally, the book provides insight into the areas of western finance and technology.
Zibakalam, 68, is a professor at the University of Tehran. His books “How Did We Become What We Are?” and “An Introduction to Islamic Revolution” are among bestsellers on Iranian contemporary politics.


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