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As you know, international book fairs offer an opportunity for cultural exchange in the form of negotiations and commercial agreements, whereas museums make room for modern man’s interaction with the historical assets of other peoples and countries.
Today with Printed in IRAN, we tend to reveal a new aspects of Iran’s print industry and showcase the abilities, potentials and, in a word, what Iranian individuals and institutes can offer to the world with their arts and crafts. In hope for building bridges between cultures and industries, we are determined to fill in the present copyright gaps and mediate between Iranian and world authors and publishers with mutual respect for both parties’ rights. This gap won’t be filled unless through development of communications, interaction, exchange of ideas, agreements and providence, as well as expansion of publications and distribution markets.
Just as many Iranian and non-Iranian publishers have already initiated exchange of rights while the number of works published with respect to copyright laws is increasing in Iran, and this is also true about the number of books purchased from Iranian publishers and published in other languages. Printed in IRAN takes you to a journey through Iranian printing companies those apply the best modern machinery to present their high-quality materials with appropriate prices. We are honored to let you be acquainted with masters of the craft, stat-of-the-art machinery, and their compatible priced services. Backed by an ancient culture and history, Iran today is prepared for interaction with the world. As members of Printed in IRAN, we glory in facilitating your connections with Iran’s progressive culture, industry and customer friendly services. We are honored to start this issue with message of Leader of The Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei to the youth in Europe and North America. And statement of President Dr. Hassan Rouhani that deemed “books the means to real diplomacy, saying regional and global issues must be resolved through books and reading”.
he statement of deputy of cultural Affairs of Ministry of Cultural and Islamic Guidance, Dr. Seyyed Abbas Salehi “marking Iran’s participation in Frankfurt International Book Fair”. Mahmoud Amoozgar, chairman of Tehran’s Publishers and Booksellers Union, tells us about “The current situation of Iranian fiction in the global market”. MohammadReza Bayrami, Iranian outstanding novelist, believes that “our narrative literature is an acceptable level in terms of international standards”. Ladan Heidari, the Executive Secretary of the 5th National Conference on the Intellectual and Artistic Property Right, says “Challenges of international copyright protection observed in Iran”. Afshin Shahneh Tabar, director of Candle & Fog Publications, named “Iranians, the Pioneers of Fiction Writing Industry”. Nima Malek Mohammadi, tells us about “The dream of globalization of Iran’s today literature”. Finally, the issue followed by a variety of good news about book publishing industry in Iran. Amir Salehi Taleghani Publisher & Managing Director ectual and Artistic Property onal copyright protection abar, director of Candle the Pioneers of Fiction mmadi, tells us about today literature”. riety of good news n.tor


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