Commemoration ceremony for Iranologist Jahangir Dorri held in Moscow

IBNA- A commemoration ceremony was held for the Iranologist and professor of Persian literature Jahangir Dorri in Moscow State Linguistic University by the Cultural
Ataché of Iran’s Embassy in the Russian capital. According to the correspondent, quoting from the public relations office of Sa`di Foundation, the ceremony was held with the professors and students of the Persian language in atendance at Moscow State Linguistic University. Iran’s cultural ataché and the representative of Sa`di Foundation in Russia Reza Maleki, congratulated the 85th birthday of Jahangir Dorri and extolled his efforts and hard work to introduce Persian literature to the Russian speaking people, and for his translation of old and contemporary works of Persian language and literature into Russian. Meanwhile, Jahangir Dorri appreciated the professors and students for their atendance a t the ceremony and recalled his past memories of teaching Persian language and literature and compiling numerous works in this field. He also expressed his gratitude for the support given by the Cultural Ataché of Iran’s Embassy in Moscow. Unveiling the Russian translation of two books‘Persian Humor Prose’ and ‘My Iran’ by Jahangir Dorri was the other program held in this event. These works have been published by the Iranian cultural ataché, in Moscow.

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