Books means to real diplomacy

Dr. Hassan Rouhani

President of Islamic Republic of Iran President Rouhani deemed books the means to real diplomacy, saying regional and global issues must be resolved through books and reading. President Rouhani said the country’s civilization can only be introduced to the world through books; “our Avicenna’s Canon of Medicine decorates the libraries of the East and the West and doted upon by scientists and scholars throughout the world.”
President Rouhani stressed that authors and publishers must be provided with a ‘secure’ and ‘free’ atmosphere to work in, yet “we cannot open the gates so that any superstition or extreme remarks l abeled as religion or revolution be available e to the youth.” Rouhani expressed satisfaction over the participation of thousands of Iranian and international publishers in this year’s edition of TIBF and the visit of over 3 million book lovers to the previous edition. “Books, reading and writing are both a means to real diplomacy and interaction with other nations and a way to resolve regional and international issues,” said Rouhani. “Our region has been undermined by killings, terror attacks and destruction of heritage for years. The world must not dismiss our regional issues. That European or American countries cannot be proud of itself for selling more weapons. These are putting the region in greater risk and prepare the ground for weapon markets,” said Rouhani. As the most important book event in Asia and the Middle East, TIBF will open to general public on May 6 and run through May 16, hosting 2800 international publishers from 65 countries. Receiving millions of people every year, Tehran International Book Fair is a social and cultural event with book displays, panel discussions and publishing deals. The Fair is considered the most significant event of its kind in Asia and the Middle East and a significant venue for publishers and book lovers to exchange opinions and experiences.


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