Book considers myths in Beyzayi’s cinema

The book ‘A Review of Myths Reflected in Bahram Beyzayi’s Cinema’ based on the theories of mythology of Joseph Campbell, Roland Barthes and Claude Levi-Strauss is released. In an interview, Maryam Afshar, the author of the book, said: “A review of Myths Reflected in Bahram Beyzaie’s Cinema’ was in fact my MA thesis when I was studying Persian Language and Literature under the Mr. Ebrahim Mohammadi (PhD) at Birjand University. She said that in this book, the cinema of Bahram Beyzayi as a prominent Iranian Film and Theater director, is analyzed based on approaches of mythologists such as Joseph Campbell, Roland Barthes and Claude Levi-Strauss. Five movies, ‘Stranger and Fog’ made in 1973, ‘Ballad of Tara’ made in 1978, ‘Death of Yazdgerd’ made in 1981, ‘Maybe Some Other Time’ made in 1987 and ‘The Travelers’ made in 1991 are the works which are discussed in this book. Afshar went on to say: “Topics of the book are arranged in four chapters. In the first, outlines of the study and definition of concepts such as “myth”, “rituals”, and “play” are presented. Also, the link between the cinema and literature and myth, ritual and myth, myth and play and so on are among the other topics of the first chapter. Titles of the other chapters of the book include “Mythical Time in Beyzayi’s Cinema”, “Mythical Hero” and “Ritual in Beyzayi’s Cinema”. She stressed that the entire book analyzes the inter-textual approach to literature, myth, cinema and ritual by drawing on the works of Beyzayi. On the publication of his new books in America, this calligrapher said: “Publication of these books abroad provides a good background for the global audience to get acquainted with the Iranian and Islamic art and culture. Therefore, I decided to publish my new books exclusively for the nonIranian audience. In this regard, my first published book is titled’ Kufic Inscriptions: Culture, Writing and Graphics’ which was published in 2013 in English, in New York City.” Jazayeri has graduated in Graphic Art and possesses a first degree certificate in Art. This artist is known as the reviver of the old Kufic calligraphy in modern times.

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