Book Bridge In Tehran-Tokyo Cultural Diplomacy

Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Abbas Salehi said on Sunday that the presence of countries in Tehran International Book Fair as special guest is to develop and promote cultural diplomacy The Iranian culture and Islamic guidance minister said that the presence of Japan as special guest in next round of Tehran book fair will prepare an opportunity for the two nations to get acquainted with each other›s cultures and civilizations.
Salehi made the remarks in a meeting with Japanese Ambassador to Iran Hiroyasu Kobayashi. The event is among the largest cultural events in the Middle East region,› he added. Salehi pointed to age-old relations between Iran and Japan dating back to 90 years ago, and said, ‹Besides diplomatic relations, the two countries for the past 60 years have signed several cultural agreements.› The minister said Japan embassy in Tehran has had good activities in different fields of culture and the ministry is fully ready for continuation of these activities. Ambassador Hiroyasu Kobayashi expressed pleasure for being in Iran and working in this country. He pointed to long back history of bilateral ties and said that mutual cooperation between Iran and Japan has expanded in different fields. Kobayashi said in year 2015, when Japan›s foreign minister visited Tehran, ‹Iran-Japan Cooperation
Council› was established and upon that six working groups were formed and one of them was culture and sport working group, which held its second meeting past year. He said Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has a wide range of cultural, art and literary activities and we need its guidance to progress our mutual cultural relations. Tehran International Book Fair begins in early May every year for duration of 10 days.

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