Book and Culture are symbols of our soft power in interactions with other nations

Dr. Hassan Rouhani

President of Islamic Republic of Iran
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani speaking at the inaugural ceremony of 29th Tehran International book Fair said book and culture are symbols of our soft power in interactions with other nations and described books as a source of peace and tranquility of mind and national authority within the global community.
According to Public Relations and Information Center of Ministry of Culture, Mr. Rouhani said paying due attention to economy of culture is of great importance because culture and related industries are a creative market and a driving force for production and economic growth. He added that the post Joint Comprehensive plan of Action (JCPOA) era will come to success through book, thinking and reflection.
President Rouhani said culture is the most important issue and we and the coming   generations will benefit much if we move toward promotion of books. He described international book fair as a proper venue for exchange of thoughts and culture and said construction of a  proper compound for book fair was needed for domestic and foreign interactions and I am glad for having such monumental building and thank Tehran Mayor and his colleagues for their efforts.
President Rouhani said book is international power base of Iranian nation adding that having close relation with book will enhance our national power in international arena. He said today great nations know Iranian nation through poems of poets such as Saadi and Hafez and other Iranian thinkers and philosophers. Quoting first Shiite Imam, Lord of Believers Imam Ali, Mr. Rouhani said reading book will bring calmness and tranquility to mankind and a book reading nation has great potentials for analysis.
He added that not all those dealing with books are necessarily expecting financial reward from us but they want freedom and security. Mr. Rouhani said Supreme leader said we should not hold back those critics and we should know that benevolent criticism is a blessing. Of course criticism should not be an excuse for accusation and lying and undermining national sovereignty. Dr. Rouhani went on saying that there shouldn’t be any obstacle on the way of publication of poems and other literary works a point I have made several time to Minster of Culture and Islamic Guidance reiterating that review of literary works is a job which should be carried out by scholars and decisions on whether a book should be published or not should be taken by association of writers and publishers.
He added that government should not interfere in all areas because government is administrator and supervision should be made by the public.

Referring to nuclear agreement, Mr. Rouhani said we have entered new chapter of our country and the situation in post- JCPOA is quite different than before this agreement.President Rouhani said nuclear agreement is a historical event and very complicated negotiation with global powers achieved a major victory which is beneficial for both sides, adding that usually in negotiation one side loses and the other side wins but nuclear talks ended in mutual benefits. He said a rush by representatives of foreign companies and high ranking officials of numerous countries and opening of credit line in favor of our country by foreign banks show that nuclear agreement has been a success for all sides President Rouhani said making use of foreign capital and expertise will help us to complete an infrastructural project within say 5 years instead of 40 years without foreign assistance.
Mr. Rouhani said in our region there are one or two capitals that are not happy about the nuclear agreement but more than 188 countries benefit from the agreement. Those who are very angry about nuclear deal might try to undermine it but I am sure that the Iranian great nation will continue the path of progress with the same vigor as nuclear negotiations. President Rouhani said today the world has full trust on Iran and its commitments adding that trust in international arena and within the country between government and the people is a great social asset. Dr. Rouhani said when head of governments of major countries come to Iran for signing long term contracts with us it means that they trust us because they know that a country like Iran will fulfill and respect its commitments and promises.

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