“Blue Me, Green Me” Published In English

“Blue Me, Green Me”, a collection of 32 vivid and imaginative poems by Iranian poet Safoora Nayyeri has been published in English.

Translated by Rokhsareh Charney and Joshua Charney, the book has been published by the Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, a self-publishing service owned by Amazon and based in the U.S. state of South Carolina.
“Blue Me, Green Me” is originally published in Persian by Tuka Publications in 2014 in Tehran. The book is the winner of the Yamini Sharif Prize for the best youth poetry book in 2014 and is also the winner of the prestigious Little Black Fish Award from the Iranian Children’s Book Council.

Photo: Front cover of the English version of “Blue Me, Green Me” by Safura Nayyeri

Blue Me Green Me is a collection of thirty-two vivid imaginative poems by Iranian poet Safoora Nayyeri. Originally published in Farsi, this is the first available edition to be translated into English.
Safoora Nayyeri is the author of eight poetry books for children and seven poetry collections. She was the Iranian recipient of the IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) honor list diploma in 1992.

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