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Andisheh Company was launched in 2010 in an area of over 22000 square meters. Engineering design of buildings and establishments, material circulation, and engineering machinery in proportion with state-of-the-art standards of print industry are characteristics that have made it as one of the most efficient and modern existing workflows in printing area. With the help of latest technologies, machinery, competent and skilled human force, adherence to global standards of management and quality of printing industry, the company targets at annually producing 12 million books and journals. It performs the entire production process in one building with an infrastructure of over 4500 square meters dedicated to pre-print and after-print stages. The company’s policy is to focus on investment in latest technologies, facilities and machinery.
At Andisheh, we are determined to go beyond our customers’ expectations by focusing on providing services in due time as well as in high quality. Moreover, with continuous supervision and periodical monitoring of quality process, health, security and environment, we take effective measures in protecting the environment, customers’ rights, life and our assets. The best for customers Andisheh guarantees convenient data transfer and responsibility towards customers by application of modern worldwide communication technologies. Hence, we proclaim that Andisheh is a customer-friendly company because: – It is easy to order and track your item throughout various stages of production – Pricing is product-dependant and based on actual prices of the project, and not measured based on tariffs. – Online ordering is available through WEBSHOP portal of the Andisheh from anywhere in the world with the simplest access to the Internet.
Products and Services Andisheh’s services of focus on printing and publishing industry; its products include: – Hardcover and paperback books – Wired magazines and hot glue bookbinding – brochure, catalogs, posters… with wire loop option – free-size papers Advantages of Andisheh – Convenient and clear ordering process that are easy to track to the delivery stage – Comprehensive quality control method applied on all production sectors – Well-educated and skilled management and production teams for every offered service – Ability to produce at minimum time, using the latest machinery and raw material for printing industry – Ability to bind with PUR (polyurethane reactive glue) – Possibility of remote ordering (web to print) – Possibility of producing books with ultra thin papers (as used for binding Qurans) – Easy access to printing office through highways All types of activities in Andisheh: Pre-print Stage – pre-printing system is connected to the quality management system, advanced workflow and MIS Hiflex. – all the components of the system accept JDF and have the highest automation level – the possibility of producing plate with FM tram on the thermal plates makes the highest quality possible – two Kodak plate seters with the speed of 45 plates an hour , processor, Two HP and Kodak proofers, two scanners as well as Prinergy rip make this system efficient.
Printing Stage Andisheh, possesses 60-sheet printing machines (2 x 4.5 paper-sheets in dimension; with 2,4 and 5 color variations from KBA company) and has equipped its printing system with logotronics MIS Hiflex as well as Andisheh Printing CompanyModern Modern technologies. high quality & skilled Production team 52 Printed in IRAN Densitronick-S color control counsel. All the components of the systems accept JDF format and have the highest automation level and are particularly specialized to print thin papers to 0.40 millimeters. The combination of efficient machinery technology, color management system and employing qualified and standard and desirable raw materials has made highest and permanent color quality printing possible.
Post-printing Stage – At this stage, Andisheh tends to offer a diversity of products. – Six sets of 2×4.5-sheet MBO folding machines with the possibility of forth folding has made the most accurate form folding in wide variety of types possible and puts printing forms in the best possible conditions for binding. – Hohner HSB 8000 Wire binding line with 8 cells order and three-side cuƫng has made possible producing wire volumes in a simple and loop form with the speed of 8000 volumes per hour in the biggest dimensions compared to similar systems. – the production line of Kelbus paperback with the order of 24 cells and three-side cuƫng and connected shrink system with the ability of producing with warm and cold labels and PUR with the nominal speed of 8000 per hour, has provided special ability to fast preparation and transference from one job to the next job in least time. This production line too accepts JDF and has the highest automation level.
– Hardcover production line with two covermaking and cover-pricing with the latest facilities is able to provide best qualified hard cover books, 1800 cover an hour. – creating hard cover book block is performed with help from soft cover line and two Astronic 180- c form-sewing systems and creating cover is performed by cardboard cuƫng machine, hardcover cuƩer, volume maker, tricolor Kelbus inlay and finally the Kelbus set for positioning ribbons within and covers on the finished books in high quality and a stylish and durable format


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