An Iran-Hungary cultural center needed: Ambassador

In his visit to Tehran International Book Fair, the Hungarian Ambassador to Iran said that establishing an Iran-Hungary Cultural Center is needed to facilitate cultural exchanges between the two countries.
In a visit to the 30th Tehran International Book Fair, Hungarian Ambassador to Iran Janos Kovacs, said Several programs will be offered and cultural exchanges will carry out in the form of participation in the book fairs between the two countries of Iran and Hungary through the formation of a Cultural Center between Iran and Hungary.” Saying that Tehran Book Fair is a great and unique event and cultural gathering, Kovacs added: “The book fair serves as a bridge between the Iranian and Hungarian authors and illustrators through which translated works into both languages can be offered to the people in both countries.” He said more than 1,400 Iranian students are currently studying in Hungary and many Iranian students are studying in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences who can serve as future translators of Hungarian works intoPersian without mediation.” Translation work is very important as it is the best way to relate to the country whose works are translated into the main language, and considering the fact that many Iranian students are studying in Hungary, this cultural exchange will be strengthened,” he stated. At the end, he said that Tehran International Book Fair is the greatest among the developing countries and added: “Iran has taken the lead among the developing countries with its thousands of years of history of civilization, through cultural exchanges and by holding Tehran Book Fair.”


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