Algerian Arabic literature professor admires Persian literature

The Algerian poet, linguist and semiotician Abdelghani Khacha said that had he known Persian, he wouldn’t have missed even a single page of the rich Persian literature.
The Professor of Arabic language and literature is a scholar who works in the field of Iranian-Islamic spiritualism. H e believes that cultural and literary relations between the two countries is only possible through the works of translation done by translators and added that there are many works in Algerian literature for translation into Persian that he thinks will be welcomed in Iran. “If I knew Persian, I wouldn’t have missed a single page of the rich Persian literature and would have liked to take as much of this great treasure to the eager audience in my country as a gift as possible. I’m especially interested in the works of Farid alDin Atar Neishabouri, Omar Khayyam, and Sohrevardi, he added.Regarding the emerging phenomena such as e-books and online books, and their impact on increasing the studying per capita, he said: “I personally teach ‘Interactive Literature, Online Literature at the post-graduate level and we are perfectly aware of the significance and the trend of expansion of this type of technology and the modern methods as well.” ‘Illuminations in contemporary Arabic poetry’; ‘Paths of Massacre (play)’; ‘Wedding Conquests (Poetry Collection) are the works of Abdelghani Khacha.


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