Abbas Naalbandiyan’s collection of works published in London

Javad Atefeh, translator and theater researcher, announced the publication of the works of Abbas Naalbandiyan in 12 volumes by an English publisher. He also informed IBNA of his translations of other Strindberg plays.
Atefeh said: “The 12 –volume collection of late Ab- bas Naalbandiyan’s works is being released by H&S Publications in London. The collection includes pub- lished and unpublished plays with photos, posters, brochures and other related documents by the author and a foreword by me.” “The first volume to be released is titled ‘Nagahan Haza Habibollah Mata…’ (suddenly, Habibollah died …) and then every 45 days another volume will be ready for release in London.”
He added that this play is the most classic work of Naalbandiyan that was premiered in 1972 and was lauded then by figures like British director Peter Brook and Jerzy Grotowski, the founder of Poor Theater. At that time, the minister of culture of France and Spanish dramatist Fernando Arabal was also among the audiences of the premiere. The play also took part in the Nan- cy Festival in France only to gain fame as the most known Iranian play in the world. My main goal of the publication of the series was to call all Iranians and world audiences to turn back to Abbas Naalbandiyan’s work as one of the pillars of Iranian Theater, he asserted. Atefeh finally referred to his plan for translating all plays by Swedish playwright August Strindberg and said, “The first volume contains my translation of The Ghost Sonata that was published last year. ‘Miss Jolie’, ‘Paria, ‘Master Olof’ and ‘A Dream Play’ are the next ones to come out in the future.”

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