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Khaneh Ketab (Iran Book House), founded in 1993 and aiming to promote the reading culture among the people, has from the very outset provided book readers with information on the recently-published books in Iran. This was first limited to the publication of two journals: Tazehaye Ketab (The Latest on Books) and Ketabe Hafteh (The Book of the Week). Later, however, by the further expansion of information technology and its uses in book publishing, and the emergence of computer services in this field many specialized databases were launched in the field of book industry and book-publishing. Updating such databases, providing easy access to information on books, developing cultural databases, and publishing specialized journals are among the more important activities undertaken by “Khaneh Ketab. Khaneh Ketab is the most authoritative database for information on the publication of books, and is the sole reliable producer of information on various publications in Iran. This institution is, in fact, responsible for various activities in the field of book industry and book-publishing of which the most prominent are launching cultural databases on books, publishers, book sellers, lithographers, printing houses, binding centers, and the like.
A major activity of the Khaneh Ketab’s publishing division is to compile and publish books related to the undertakings carried out by Khaneh Ketab, and on subjects related to information-providing services regarding the publication of books. This division has, during its fruiƞul lifetime, published over 150 different titles of which some have been acclaimed in the cultural book-award festivals.
In addition to publishing such works as Marja-e Nashr (Publication Directory) and Karnaame-ye Nashr (Publication Performance Sheet) and other books related to book publishing, Khaneh Ketab Institute has also given out the following titles: • Collections of Scholarly Essays on book review and criticism including such titles as The Ethics and Methods of Criticism, The Criterion of Criticism, A Critique of Jalal’s Works, Another Essay, Literary Criticism, The Lefer on Criticism, etc. • The Eminent Persians series for the young readers including monographs on such great poets and authors as Mowlana, Sa’adi, Farabi, Jalal-e Al-e-Ahmad, etc. • The Scholarship Series including collections of scholarly essays on great Iranian figures like Ghazali, Khajeh, Jalal, Firdowsi, etc. • The grand 40-volume series of Iranians and the Qur’an. • The series of historical documents of Presidential Center for Research, Opinion Survey and Documents. All of them were received by general readers and scholars. ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and ISMN (International Standard Music Number) Iran officially joined the international Standard Book Number System (ISBN) in 1993, and since then Khaneh Ketab has been representing the International ISBN agency in Iran. Each book in this system, receives a unique number based on which all the information about that book would be available everywhere around the globe.
This system accompanies the publishers all through the process of publication and distribution of a book and thus facilitates the ordering of books, controlling the stock of available books, doing the related calculations, devising the export policies and finally preparing the catalogue in publishing lists. All Iranian publishers now use the ISBN for their publications, and through the regular and permanent cooperation of Iranian representative with the international Agency, information on Iranian books is regularly reported to the Agency through which it can be available to all other national ISBN centers.
Khaneh Ketab Institution also became an official member of the ISMN (International Standard Music Number) in 2003. From then on, all published music works receive a number and are registered here. All the information on such works is then sent to ISMN organization based in Germany. The Monthly Book Review Series Another important informational event at Khaneh Ketab is issuing 9 specialized monthly book review journals which review and introduce new titles in all areas of Generalities (library and information science, manuscripts and journalism), literature, philosophy, religion, social sciences, technology and sciences (pure and applied), arts, history, geography, and those related to children and youngsters.
There is also in this regard, a weekly journal which reports the latest events and news about the book industry in Iran together with some interviews and commentaries by the writers and compilers along with a list of books released in the previous week. Information-providing Services Information services provided by Khaneh Ketab includes providing the users with the information on books published in Iran since 1996 through direct face-to-face consultation, telephone services and also via the website of Khaneh Ketab: www.Ketab.ir. Writers, researchers and students involved in writing and publishing books, doing research, composing educational dissertaIran Book House A HOME FOR BOOKS 29Vol. 00 / Issue 00 / October 2013 tion, as well as the industrialists involved in the production of books all can consult the site to access the latest information and news on recently-published books and journals Iran’s Publishing Directory (Marja-e Nashr-e Iran):This directory, which is active for more than 13 years and as such is one of the most authoritative directories in the field of book-publishing, is regularly prepared and published.
The initial version of this directory entitled A Guide to Iranian Publishers was released in the autumn of 1996; an e-version of this directory has also been provided in CD format equipped with search possibilities since 1998. Later in the years 2003 and 2005, the information on book-sellers and electronic publishers were also added to this directory. For the time being, it provides the lists and related information on people and institutes involved in the publishing industry in Iran, including publishers, book-sellers, printing houses, lithographers, distribution centers, electronic publishers, representatives of foreign publishers, designers and graphics, illustrators and industry/business associations. Katibeh CD (The slate CD): This includes complete information on the published books in Iran from 1991 to 2012. This source contains descriptive and analytic bibliographical information on the published books. Such information includes the title of the books, the name of the writers and compilers, publishers, the data on edition number, size, price, circulation, ISBN, the publisher’s address, the subject area, the summary and the cover design/ illustrations. Awards and Cultural festivals Book of the Year Award With the goal of recognizing and encourage outstanding Iranian contributions to human knowledge and culture, the award ceremony is held each year during the Fajr Festival, and is given to the eligible new titles published in each previous year.
The award is given to authors, translators and editors (except textbooks and offsets) in 52 categories, including generalities, philosophy, psychology, religion, social sciences, applied sciences, arts, literature, history, geography, and literature for children and young adults. The Al-e-Ahmad Literary Award Established by the approval of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution in 2006, the award ceremony is held every year on the anniversary of Jalal’s birthday in November. The goal is to promote national-religious literature through the recognition and appreciation of the outstanding works of innovative and progressive authors. The books eligible for nomination are new titles published in the previous year. Awards may be given to outstanding books in the categories of novel, short story, literary criticism, history and documentation.
Book of the Season Award In order to support outstanding works, and to give recognition and encouragement to merited authors, translators and editors, the Book of the Season quarterly Award is presented by the Book House Institution. Eligible books are selected and judged every three months, and top winners receive, during a ceremony, a lefer of commendation, a special prize plus a statuefe.
The award may be given to books in 52 categories except textbooks. Parvin-e Etesami Literary Award. Given the high status of, and regard for, women in Iranian culture and literature, and with the goal of cultivating the minds and realizing the literary creativity of women, introducing and recognizing the outstanding women writers and researchers, and giving recognition to women writers in different research areas of the Persian language and literature, Parvin E’tesami biennial Literary Award was established in 2007 by the approval of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. The award may be given to the outstanding works (both original and in translation) by women in three age levels of adults, young adults, and children that have been published in the two previous years in Persian or other living languages of the world. The award categories are poetry, fiction, performing literature, children’s literature, and literary research. The Book Criticism Award The award ceremony is held each year during the Research Week, and is given to the eligible electronic and non-electronic new articles published in each previous year on book review and criticism.
The award is given in different categories including generalities, literature, philosophy, social sciences, science and technology, history and geography, religion, arts, children’s and young adults’ literature. Top winners include an outstanding writer, a young critic, and a journal. Gaam-e Avval (First Book) Literary Award The award was established by the Book House Institution in order to give recognition and encouragement to début writers. Eligible books are selected and judged in three broad categories: 1) poetry, short story and novel for adults, young adults and children; 2) religion (theology, mysticism, ethics, Qur’anic studies, had.th studies, and the sirah or the biography of the Infallibles); and 3) history of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. The award is presented with the collaboration of the General Department of Culture and Islamic Guidance of one of the Provinces of the country. Top winners receive a lefer of commendation, cash prizes plus a statuefe.

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