A Heart Bigger than the World

Erfan Nazar Ahari
Erfan Nazar Ahari holds a PhD in Persian Languages and Literature and has authored over 15 books of short stories and poetry. Her works have been translated into English, French, Turkish, Kurdish, Japanese and Arabic. She is the recipient of numerous literary awards such as The Parvin Etesami Literary Award, The Islamic Republic of Iran Book of the Year Award, and The Book of the Season Award.
She achieved the 2010 honor list of IBBY. She is one of the writers of the 2010 Namibooks entitled Peace Story, published in South Korea. ‘A Heart Bigger than the World’ by the Iranian author Erfan Nazar Ahari will be launched in Iran concurrent with the World Peace Day. The book is translated into English and Italian. “The book had won South Korea’s Peace Prize.
Besides its Persian version, the work’s English and Italian translations are ready for publication as well”, Nazar Ahari said. ‘A Heart Bigger than the World’ is illustrated by Ali Buzari. It has been translated into English and Italian by Caroline Croskery and Hanieh Inanlu respectively and Professor Coreƫ has writen an introduction to the book; which is supposed to be unveiled on the World Peace Day. The work’s audio book is also produced, she said and added: “The work’s Persian section is read by me, while the English and Italian parts are read by Caroline Croskery and Hanieh Inanlu.”
The CD starts with an introduction read by the book’s writer about peace and then the story is recounted in different languages. The audio book was also released on September 21, the World Peace Day. ‘A Heart Bigger than the World’ is also planned to be unveiled at the Frankfurt International Book Fair. The book tells the story of a litle girl who has been wishing to come into the world for the past 1000 years, but God has denied her requests. She finally is allowed to come into the world, but she leaves her heart in paradise, which compels her to spend all of her life searching for her heart.

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